The Wearing of Wings-Dolphins Etc on Legion Uniform

This was something I heard before, but to date have not confirmed its authenticity. I must confess I had forgotten about it until receiving the comment to my blog from Joel VanSnick.  Having read the comment(attached below) I’m asking for someone to clarify this legionamendment that forbids veterans to wear trade badges, wings dolphins etc with Legion uniform.. I have not actually seen this in print, and most people I have asked are not aware of the new rule.

If it is true, then my legion uniform can go in the bin! no one is going to tell me I can’t wear my submarine dolphins. images


Especially as associate members can purchase and wear these shoddy things !!!!150 medalbeaumont-hamel


Every once in a while I start to wonder why I bother. Its not like I’m getting anywhere. Dominion Command and Provincial …

I concur with Kyle, it appears that the associate membership have totally taken over the Legion that was created by Veterans, I believe in the ideals that the Legion represent but the associates membership have totally ruined what we the Veterans stand for, yes I have served my country for 35+ years and I also am always turned out properly and it irritates me to stand next to an associate member that dresses like a slob but due to the fact he has several years of standding at the same bar he is accorded the right to speak and be heard. I have no issues with the Dominion and Provincial saleries as they have a tough job to do, my only issue is with the associate members that continue to re-write the policies and procedures to suit the associate membership. For the first time since 1977 I will be removing my jump wings from my uniform and the commendation that I earned in Afghanistan since the motion to amend the Rituals manual to allow us veterans to wear our trade qualifications was voted down, I will finish my term as a Zone Commander and I will take my energy and professionalism else where. A very frustrated Veteran.

I look forward to hearing the details of this amendment to the Rituals Manual

God Bless and keep reading


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2 Responses to The Wearing of Wings-Dolphins Etc on Legion Uniform


    I say carry on wearing them and and be proud, let them bring charges, they will soon be shot down.

  2. Ira Peters says:

    One Veterans award should be worth at least 3 Legion awards 🙂

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