Rituals & Insignia. another Update and Correction

Sorry about the misunderstandings over the issue of wearing-not wearing qualification imagesbadges-wings etc. It now seems I have the correct story, and have attached it below in this blog. James also highlights a serious issue in his email, whether intentional or by accident, regarding associate members voting to change policy and direction of the Legion.(admitting their ignorance). The fact many of them did not understand the significance of a veteran wearing his Dolphins-wings, is or should be of serious concern. I believe we have here, one of the major reasons the Legions are losing veterans and no new veterans are joining. Surely on issues that have a direct bearing that effect veterans, then only veterans should be entitled to vote.

I have attached a second email received from Robby. This too makes a lot of sense regarding the wearing of legion service medals. Only actual medals awarded for military ww2medalsservice should be permitted to be worn in legion uniforms. All other right breast service medals should be replaced with lapel pins. I realize I do not have all the answers, however the two issues highlighted in this blog, if enacted would go a long way to improving relations between veterans and associates.Dave-Flannigan_DomPres

Received from James Smith.

The information you have received is incorrect . At the Dominion Convention in June a motion was put forward to formally add a section in the Ritual and Insignia manual to allow the wearing of these earned hazard and/or qualification badges. Presently there is no mention of them. The motion was defeated and therefore the present status quo remains in effect as written in Ritual and Insignia. That status quo is as I said nothing. There is nothing in there specifically stating that said badges can be worn, and there is also nothing in there that specifically prohibits the wearing of them. Now if sometime in the future the powers that be actually amend the book and add a section specifically prohibiting the wearing of said badges then the wearing of them would be against legion rules. At present it is not. This motion was narrowly defeated in St Johns on the floor mainly by those Associate and Affiliated delegates who admitted their ignorance of the significance of the badges and many even believing they were no more significant than the many assorted pins worn by many on their blazers which ironically are specifically prohibited in accordance with Ritual and Insignia. The issue will be returning to the convention floor in 2018——————————————————————————

Received from Robby

Hear Hear excellent answer. Canada should be like our Mother Legions. The Royal Legions medal girlof Scotland England Ireland and Wales. NO NON Military medals or Ribbons worn. In fact they do not even sell dingles as you say. Long service whether an associate or regular member in UK is awarded a Lapel Pin Only.

God Bless and keep reading


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2 Responses to Rituals & Insignia. another Update and Correction

  1. Ira Peters says:

    I agree with Robby! No non military medals to be worn on the uniform and also Life members should have an additional crest under the Life badge saying Ordinary or Associate. I do not like the face that Life members are confused with Veterans either.

  2. Ira Peters says:

    In 2018, I guess we will have to wait for our Veteran to be elected as Dominion President thank goodness!

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