This Dilutes the Value How????????

medal girlTomEagles2Dave-Flannigan_DomPresThe wearing of medals by blood relatives. My goodness when I mention this its like I have stirred up a hornets nest. Protesters come out of the woodwork claiming it dilutes the value of the medals. They do this while wearing a chest full of legion service medals, these are not real medals, more like custom jewelry. I fail to understand how they can protest so loudly under these circumstances. I think I would be embarrassed to tell an eighty year old widow to remove her late husbands medals or face arrest. Even worse, To do it while wearing eight or nine service medals on the right breast, it just amazes me.  I do understand not everyone agrees with relatives wearing these medals, and that is fine, they and their relatives do not have to participate. They can carry their frame displays to Remembrance Services as their particular mark of respect. However, do not tell those who wish to honour a veteran by wearing his/her medals as our particular mark of respect that we are breaking the law. Please do not tell me you are just obeying the law, if the legion petitioned the dept of Justice the law would be amended . I have fought this issue until I’m blue in the face and still only find obstinate refusal to even discuss the subject. Would someone please tell me why this is such a dreadful thing to ask for????  The Royal Canadian Legion are now selling these service medals and will declare to us that it is quite right to do so. When was it ever right to sell medals in this venerable veteran organization? medals should be earn in the service of ones country. As the legion so often tell us, allowing a relative to wear a late loved ones medals dilutes its value. Perhaps they can explain how wearing these right breast legion trinkets adds value, and provides pride and honour to the wearers. Hmm, maybe I have just hit the nail on the head, Note — almost all associate members wear these medals150 medalbeaumont-hamel

These two Legion medals can be purchased for just $25 ea plus P&P

I rest my case  “Again”

God Bless and keep reading

A brief after thought!

I always read through my blogs before posting to check for errors and spelling and it occurs after reading this blog that it is reasonable and quite sensible. Surely the Legion want to provide a system that fits with all of its members. Why is there such resistance to blood relatives wearing their loved ones medals. How does it affect those who oppose it, how does it offend or diminish the value of wearing a medal with pride and remembrance. I have yet to receive a reasonable answer to these questions, to merely state it dilutes the value of the medal is not an answer! Stating the legion is only obeying the law is also a lame response.


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