Note :- How The Guardian Edit Letters to the Editor?????

This is my letter as it was sent in to the papers,  titled “Bottling plant flies under the radar”it was published in today’s guardian (26th Sept 2016)with one significant sentence missing ? No sure about the Journal as I have not seen a copy yet. Nevertheless, the missing sentence does concern me,zflagpeiabout-the-premier

Here is my letter as written


While I certainly do not minimize the seriousness of the island wide school bomb threat and its media coverage it does seem all other island news has ceased or just faded away. It has been some time since anyone mentioned the proposed bottle plant to be situated in Brookvale. Apart from a great many comments against this questionable plan on social media no one seems to be worried. Where are the politicians? other than Peter Bevan Baker no one has spoken out? The silence of this government and in particular the Premier is quite deafening. I would like to know more about this controversial issue, who are the people planing to open and operate this business? Are they indeed, as has been suggested, closely related/connected to Premier MacLauchlan?  Is the Island dept of the environment actually without the power to stop or at least investigate.  Can such a dangerous proposal just be okayed with a friendly nod and a wink?? Is no one in government concerned enough to stand up and oppose this? Is the Island government devoid of laws to prevent what could be a provincial disaster in years to come. We Islanders demand and deserve answers to the question of who owns this finite resource, more importantly we need answers for future generations if they are to survive. Premier MacLauchlan it is time to stand up and follow through on promises made during the election. Start doing business differently like you said you would. Let islanders see some real transparency and give us the answers we need.

Respectfully submitted F.Ben Rodgers. Abram Village PE

Here is the line they Guardian conveniently left out!!!!

Are they indeed, as has been suggested, closely related/connected to Premier MacLauchlan?

This just makes me all the more suspicious that they are indeed closely related to the Premier, if they were not why delete that sentence???????

God Bless and keep reading



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