The Upcoming Plebiscite on Electoral Reform.

Why is electoral reform needed, what is wrong with the old first passed the post system???Well there are so many things wrong with FPTP its hard to know where to start. zflagpeiLets take a look back over the last several years of elections. Do you remember when the Conservatives swept to power with Ron MacKinley the lone Liberal elected, he was the opposition?  then Pat Mella was the lone Conservative opposition! Its a history of back to back Liberal-Conservative governments. We get mad at the Liberals and they are swept from power, then we get mad at the Conservatives and do likewise to them. I the meantime these two party’s play the patronage game at Islanders expense. Liberals come to power and oust the blue faithful from their cozy well paying government jobs replacing them with their friends and supporters. It has been going on for about-the-premierdecades and to call it democracy would really be stretching the meaning of the word. Who remembers all the boondoggles these two party’s have wrought on us. Not just the recent ones such as  Plan B,Geo Sweep, PNP, HST, and the very latest a bypass that doesn’t actually bypass. Remember when we had a Mag Wheel manufacturer in the Industrial Park, a firm that produced glasses with leather frames, fish plants, golf courses, a system for administering inoculations without a needle. I’m sure you can remember many other similar firms that came here at the governments invitation, got their money and ran.

We badly need a new system, a system that does not constantly give one of the two main party’s a majority in each election. Indeed with these majorities we don’t get democracy we Caudillo goneget a dictatorship. Which ever government is in power they can do more or less as they please. Robert Ghiz operated without restriction, how about his very questionable E Gaming scheme for which he later was forced to resign over. His Minister of Finance Wes Sheridan, telling us we needed HST for a level playing field? Like Ghiz, he disappeared over the horizon with his fat severance package, probably laughing all the way to the bank. I just hope and pray that the majority of islanders pay attention to this Plebiscite and understand what is at stake.

Be absolutely certain neither the REDS OR BLUES want to see a form of proportional representation become the norm. They will do everything they can to muddy the waters and make the choices seem difficult hoping many islanders will just stay with the current system.The premier has already made his views very public. When we enter the polling station for this plebiscite we will be faced with a ballot paper with five choices. In my opinion there is only two real choices, (1)Dual Membership Proportional. (2)Mixed Member Proportional. and then we have the rest . First-past-the-post (current system). First past the post plus leader. and finally Preferential voting. So what do you think??? complicated yes, intentional so, yes again, but we can over come. In my upcoming blogs I will attempt to simplify these choices and why I suggest we go for options 1 and 2 DMP-MMP

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God Bless and keep reading


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