letter to the Editor 3rd Oct 2016

I have attached below my recent letter to the Guardian Newspaper. I thought it might be interesting to watch and see, if they publish it, whether they edit the content. The Guardian is very good at removing words and sometimes complete sentences if they think it might upset their benefactor,the Liberal party of PEI

Choose Wisely

This was the title of the guest opinion authored by Pat Mella (page A10 1st Oct 2016). I have always held Ms Mella with a great deal of respect. However, I found her opinion piece very disappointing, it clearly tells me she is just another typical island politician, retired perhaps. While she is entitled to her opinions it must be said she obviously favours the present first past the post system. She fundamentally disagrees with what is referred to as wasted votes. She tell us there is something call “winning and losing”. She is of course quite correct, when approximately 40% of the vote elect a majority government, there are indeed only a few winners and many losers, 60% of the voting population in fact. I’m not sure how she arrives at the conclusion that this is good and fair for islanders or good island governing. Winners and losers are fine if we are talking about a hockey match. However, in the case of governing the Province for the next for years we need a fair and balanced result from the vote. Lets consider the mess that was created with the sudden resignation of Robert Ghiz. We found our Province being run by unofficial/unelected Premier. I’m not sure there is any other way to describe it, but it was never a democratic process.   We had a member of that same government elected by the toss of a coin! There can be no doubt that we sorely need a reformed system of electing our politicians Simply put we have too many losers winning and not enough winners winning.

Respectfully submitted F.Ben Rodgers Abram Village PE

God Bless and keep reading.


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