The Three Non-Proportional Options.

zflagpeiThe three other options in the upcoming plebiscite are more simple to explain, they have the suspicious effect of smoke and mirrors.

(3) First past the post, needs no explanation this is the system in use now. .

(4) First past the post plus leader, party leaders would no longer have to run in their districts, but could be elected representing the whole Province, if the popular vote for a party reaches 10%. Adding two more leader seats seems honourary, it would be easy for a majority government to ignore those voices This is a token offering to appease small party’s. Its not proportional or fair. As I said before-smoke and mirrors.

(5) Preferential Voting – district remains the same, one MLA. Voters mark the ballot in order of choice. 50% plus one is required to win a district. If no candidate has that many 1 votes the candidate with the least votes support is eliminated and those votes flow to the 2nd choices from those ballots. This continues until one candidate attains 50% plus one.

This PV system reminds me of musical chairs . Smoke and mirrors designed to confuse the voter. If you really want positive change for the better then the best choices are (1) Dual Member proportional, or Mixed Member proportional.

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Now make sure you get out and vote in the plebiscite.


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