Vice President Island Pure Water Scott Dawson

scott-dawsonThis is Scott Dawson, he is the Vice Pres of the proposed plant that plans to sell our island water. It absolutely baffles me that the Government are so silent on this issue. All we have heard to date is this project does not need a environmental  assessment. Apparently the permit has already been issued. Where are the investigative reporters from local newspaper/media etc. This is surely a story that not only need to be investigated, it needs to be exposed. Why am I so upset? why am I pointing a finger at Dawson? Well I invite you to read the article below and then make your own judgment. Incidentally I emailed the following MLA’s last week, Robert Mitchell, Sonny Gallant and Bush Dumville. to date no response from any one of them?????? Please note how Dawson sees our island water in the two photos, good place to dump tires!!!!

Scott Dawson DRT. (The failed tire shredding business)tires-duckstires-2

A company contracted to shred used tires has gone out of business, leaving huge mounds of at least 100,000 tires stockpiled at a West Prince shale pit.

In 2008, a company called DTR Environmental Services received an untendered contract from Island Waste Management Corporation to shred and dispose of the used tires as they came in to the site located in Huntley, near Alberton. Before that, tires were shipped off Island.

DTR was paid $2 for each tire.  It’s estimated the company received about 200,000 tires a year.


The contract to shred and dispose of the tires will be fulfilled, says Island Waste Management Corporation CEO Gerry Moore. (CBC)

Island Waste Management Corporation kept track of the tires that go to the site, and estimates there are between 100,000 to 200,000 tires stockpiled.

But those who live nearby and Progressive Conservative Opposition Leader Steven Myers believe there are many more than that.

“There’s piles and piles and piles of tires up there, I’d be surprised if that’s one winter’s worth of tires up there,” said Myers.

“There’s an untendered government contract given out to shred tires and the tires don’t get shredded and they’re all sitting there, and there’s a watercourse all around it,” said Myers.

The company normally shredded tires throughout the summer and stockpiled them over winter, said Gerry Moore, IWMC chief executive officer.

In June, environmental officials stepped in and determined DTR had exceeded the maximum 100,000-tire limit allowed on the site at any one time.

Workers laid off

“The amount of tires that were supposed to be processed, were not. As a result of that Island Waste Management did not allow any further tires to go to that facility,” said Moore.

But IWMC had already paid DTR to shred the tires.

“We are looking at all means to have the tires cleaned up and the contract fulfilled,” said Moore.

DTR president Scott Dawson declined to do an interview, but he said when his company’s recycling permit was pulled in June, his revenue flow dried up.

He had to lay off workers and couldn’t shred the tires.

The company is now out of business.

Time to flood our MLA’s with questions and more importantly objections for his latest get rich quick scheme

God Bless and keep reading

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