Reply from Minister of Lands-Community and Environment. (Can’t answer my Question)

Good afternoon Mr. Rodgers,
Thank you for your email.   I am unable to answer your question but I’ve copied my colleague, robert-mitchellHonourable Heath MacDonald, Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, as he is the Minister Responsible for Finance PEI, which administers the business finance programs.

Please explain why Scott Dawson of DRT (Tire shredding that never happened) is now a main operator for this proposed water plant located in Brookvale. Is the government funding any portion of this project or loaning monies for same. Why was the money ($400,000) to shred tires never recovered.

                                   Respectfully  F.Ben Rodgers
My Reply to Minister Mitchell

Robert Mitchell (

Thank you Minister Mitchell I appreciate your prompt reply. However, I find it rather difficult to understand how you would not be aware of the person I named. (Scott Dawson DRT failed tire shredding)) Surely as the Minister of Land-Community and Environment you would have first hand knowledge. This Pure Island Water project involves all three areas of your ministry. Certainly the local community have raised their concerns over using land for the drilling of the wells. Though there was apparently no need for an environmental assessment someone would have to investigated in order to reach that decision? I trust if as you state, you are unaware, you will check into this issue and get back to me as soon as possible. Water belongs to all islanders and it is not a commodity for sale.

Thank You F.Ben Rodgers

Incidentally I emailed my local MLA Sonny Gallant— No Response

I email my former MLA from when we lived in Ebenezer Bush Dumville — No Response?

So far NO reply to my response email to Minister of Lands-Community & Environment Robert Mitchell.

NO response from Heath MacDonald, minister of Economic Development & Tourism

So what do you think, just a typical run around and or passing the buck. The Minister of the Environment doesn’t know of a project that plans to drill deep water wells and sell our water ???????????????

God Bless and keep reading

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