Our Transparent Wade???????

about-the-premierThe release of the AG’s report on E gaming has raised many new questions about the openest and honesty of the MacLauchlan Liberal government and indeed the previous  Ghiz Liberal government. What do we the public think, so many questionable schemes, so many shady projects. Yet the very people that perpetrated these offenses, many have rode off into the sunset with fat bags of tax payers money. I cannot believe there are many islanders that do not wish to see a change in our political system. If we are ever to rid ourselves of these greedy parasites who claim the title of Hounourable, we need the real honourable people of the island to stand up to vote for change. We have the opportunity on Saturday October 29th thru Monday 7th November 2016. I pray islanders will do the right thing and vote Dual Member Proportional or Mixed Member Proportional. Let us not take the old boys advice and vote for more of the first past the post. More of the same, the select few getting wealthy on the backs of the poor. Please read the comments of David Weale, I have great respect for his views.


Do you suppose that the Premier, who I’m sure uses the word ten times before breakfast, actually believes that he is a champion of ‘transparency’?

If so, we have a seriously self-deluded man as Premier…not a good thing. Scary actually.

The other option is that he extols transparency in the hope that it will obscure the fact that he is actually anything but open in his governing. In that case we have a deceiver as Premier….also not a good thing. And also scary.

Perhaps I am missing an option, and I hope I am, but right now it seems a coin flip between delusion and deception.

And didn’t the Auditor-General say that she had some difficulty getting information out of the Dept. of Justice on the e-gaming investigation? And who is the Minister of Justice?

And wasn’t it this Premier, now championing the need for whistle-blowing legislation, the same Premier who argued strenuously that such legislation was not required? His policy, he said, would be sufficient.

And if he is sincere in this new view will he now apologize to those three whistle-blowers who went public about what was going on behind the scenes with PNP, and who the previous Premier shamed publicly by accusing them of being “crazy.”

But…I’ve forgotten haven’t I. The premier’s transparency is selective. It doesn’t extend to the behaviour of those rascals who made such a mess of things before he was called in to save the day….and the party.

Really? Do we want lectures on transparency from this man?

God Bless and vote for change.

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