Radio Interview with Four Summerside Candidates

palmer13686672_10153614978075880_9028711871016170628_nI listened to the four SSide/Wilmot candidates explain their plans-policies if elected and lynne2014-12-07-06-01-55-web-greenquite frankly only one of them made any real sense. That was Lynne Lund of the Green Party, she truly sees a real need for change and her ideas are firm and sensible. The NDP candidate was rather a weak speaker and mostly followed the same lines as the Green candidate. What about our two Red and Blue old boys!!!Palmer and Ramsey. Not a brian-ramsay2bit of difference between them, the same old rhetoric and promise to do better if elected??? Not surprisingly these two old boys favoured the first passed the post system, just as I would have expected. Ramsay talked about proportional systems as creating minority governments and that would create elections every six months. He said we couldn’t afford these  frequent elections. What he misses by a country mile is the fact we can’t afford to continue electing these two old line party’s.  He missed the whole concept that with a minority comes cooperation, not my way or the highway of the past. The two big party’s do not want to relinquish their hold on power,and that came through loud and clear. It was very interesting to note— When Palmer was asked his electoral preference, scott-gaudethe hesitated to say, but the interviewer pressed him and finally said he liked the FPTP system. Thus he made it easy for Ramsay to state the same preference.  Electoral reform folks, it is the only way we are going to see real changes. Stay with this system and we will get crumbs while the few get rich. Crumbs like free parking at the QEH Wow what a great deal!!!!oops wait a minute didn’t we also just get a HST hike, just crumbs folk and we are now paying for them, Nothing will change unless we make it change.

God Bless and keep reading

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