Proportional Representation.

proportionalprofilepicIt is important to keep in mind this is a plebiscite to change the electoral system presently in force on Prince Edward Island. This is not about voting for your Liberal candidate or your Conservative candidate or any other party. Its not about voting the way your grandparents and great grandparents voted. It is about improving a system that was first introduced in the eighteenth century. A time when women did not have a vote, indigenous people did not have a vote or those people who did not own property. No one could possible argue that times have not changed since then!!More than 90 countries around the world use some form of preferential system, and research shows that none of these nations have more elections than our FPTP system does here. Research also shows that many countries using the preferential voting system score higher in human development, education and health. They also have better environmental records.   Prince Edward Island politicians might find it difficult to work within a coalition, but they would soon learn.  The history of politics in this province in recent decades does not shine with examples of good and fair representation of the voting public. We have had wild swings from one party to the other. We have seen so much patronage and corruption in the last 10-20 years it should not be hard to imagine there is a better way to govern. Proportional representation will cause that change, it will see each and every islanders vote count . So why would anyone want to retain the dated and unfair system of FPTP? We can do better, so get out and make your vote count in the plebesicite starting 29th Oct 7th Nov

God Bless and keep reading

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