“No” Transparency from this Government

robert-mitchelltires-2tires-ducksscott-dawsonThere is absolutely no such thing as transparency with the MacLauchlan Government, and his claim he’d do business differently is a myth. You can read the letters I will attach at the end of this blog. Judge for yourselves what you think about Minister Mitchell answers to my questions. He talks about the Water Act!!! which so far does not exist. He avoids completely any reference to Scott Dawson, but qualifies the bottled water project by referring to the Environmental Protection Act, in other words this bottle plant is quite legal. Yet he is careful  to leave the impression it has nothing to do with the Minister of Community-Lands- Environment. Yeah Right Minister????


When I ask questions about Scott Dawson and his failed tire shredding operation I get no response whatever. It is almost as if this Scott Dawson does not exist. Now I have been unable to find out if Dawson and Co are receiving any Government funding for this project.  Nevertheless, I remain suspicious, if there was nothing shady or underhanded then why the avoidance of my questions. Islanders know Dawson was getting $2 per tire from Island Waste Management (tax payers dollars) and received over $400.000 thousand before he gave up and left behind an environmental mess. Now he is deeply involved in this highly questionable project to sell water that belongs to all Islanders. I wrote a letter to the editor (Guardian)some time ago and they conveniently removed a complete sentence before publishing. That sentence referred to a rumour the operators of the proposed plant were closely connected to the premier. Why would the Guardian remove the sentence if it didn’t hit a nerve, or was it indeed factual. ????. No matter how we twist and turn this around it always comes up smelling bad. If there is nothing untoward then why the secrecy


Mr. Rodgers thank you for clarifying your concern.   As you are likely aware government is in the process of developing a comprehensive Water Act, and will be soon ready to proceed with a second round of consultations.   The commercial sale of water did not arise as an issue during the first round, however I expect to hear more during the second round.
Currently the regulations permit the sale of bottled water provided it is bottled in PEI and is in containers smaller than 25 litres (please section 12.1 of Environmental Protection Act).

We welcome your input on this issue during the upcoming consultations.

>>> Frederick Ben Rodgers <irishrover1@live.com> 10/12/2016 6:49 PM >>>

Minister Mitchell I’m surprised that you have not replied to my last email in which I believe I made very clear what I was asking. Your two early emails skirted my questions completely. You advise me you had forwarded my original email to Minister Heath MacDonald, to date no reply from him. I emailed my local MLA Sonny Gallant also no reply??? It now appears you are not going to reply either. Surely if I have a legitimate concern I should expect a clear answer to that concern from an elected official. As I said previously there has been little or no information fore-coming from Government. Water is not a Government commodity it belongs to all Islanders. I hope you are aware of the Rick Mercer rant that took place on CBC Tues 11th Oct 2016. I hope you have read the detailed article in National Geographic in reference to the Kansas high plains aquifer. These are not just stories they are real and scientific facts . The PEI Government needs to take this proposed bottled water plant seriously. You need to inform islanders if indeed a permit has been issued? if limits have been placed on the use of water, and most importantly do we have an iron clad law to protect this project from being sold to a multi national a few years down the road. It should not even be considered, our water should not be for sale, what is more worrying is one of the main players in this proposed project ‘Scott Dawson” he already has cause an environmental mess in his defunct tire shredding plant at Huntley near Alberton. But apparently you don’t know about this??

There were replies to at least four previous emails that told me absolutely nothing, and I received no reply from Heath MacDonald or my MLA Sonny Gallant.  Smells a bit like the boss put a gag order on his loyal lackeys!!!

God Bless and keep reading

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