Summerside/Wilmot By Election.

palmer13686672_10153614978075880_9028711871016170628_nThe front page of the paper featured the smiling face of Chris Palmer winner of the by election. The media was also full of quotes and proclamations of this being such a great endorsement of the MacLauchlan Government.  Well some might believe that, probably a handful of local liberals do. Lets not forget the huge sums of money ole King Wade pumped into the area weeks before this election. How about the millions to the PCH for starters, was that not well timed? However, lets take a closer look at the result, (liberals wont want to) you will see that little has actually changed since the recent Provincial election. Palmer won the seat with approx 40% of the vote while 60% of the local population vote for other candidates. I find it very difficult to see this as a ringing endorsement! How about Lynne Lund of the Green party with over 20% of the popular vote. Now that I can see as a ringing endorsement lynne2014-12-07-06-01-55-web-green

Well done Lynne you shook up the establishment and rocked both the Liberal and Conservative boats severely. They can pretend to shrug it off as nothing more than a blip!!!But lets wait to see what takes place in the next Provincial election, especially if we have a Proportional vote. The old Boys clubs are worried now and will be even more worried if we gain the Proportional system over FPTP. Exciting times ahead for most of us, but maybe not so for the Red or Blue boys.

God Bless and keep reading


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