Electoral Reform is Urgently Needed

about-the-premierCaudillo gonefishkill-capitol-of-canada10552581_271803659682485_965015307353329839_nplan-b-3We must ask ourselves the following question, do we wish to continue having leaders like those in the photos attached to this blog. If your answer is yes, and these people will no doubt agree with you. Then you may as well not read any further in the blog. Its a fact the PEI Premier has already stated his preference, and its not to change the present system. For many years our leaders have been elected with majority governments, while some 60% of voters did not vote for them. This is not just something I have made up, its the truth and it will continue unless we change the electoral system. I have listed below 5 reasons for change, please read carefully.  When the time comes and we are asked to vote whether to stay with the present system of change to a PR system you will know how to vote. My own preference would be DMP as a first choice and MMP as my second choice. I hope everyone will decide upon a good and sensible choice.

  1. Proportional representation is incredibly popular: Over 90 countries use a proportional voting system, including 85% of OECD countries, such as Ireland, Germany, Scotland, Wales, Sweden, and Denmark.
  2. Proportional representation means higher voter turnout: Research shows that voter turnout is five to 7.5% higher on average in countries that use proportional representation.
  3. Proportional representation leads to a more diverse, gender balanced Parliament: Countries that use proportional representation have more diverse parliaments with more individuals from under-represented groups. Of the countries that have more than 30% women in their legislature, the majority use PR. And countries that use proportional representation see up to eight per cent more women in their legislatures compared to first-past-the-post systems.
  4. Proportional representation does not lead to instability or never-ending elections: Canada, under first-past-the-post, has had more elections since WWII than Germany, Ireland, Sweden, and Spain ­– all countries who use proportional representation.
  5. You can have proportional representation and a local MP: Many proportional systems, such as Mixed Member Proportional (MMP), allow voters to elect a local representative and a representative for the broader region. This ensures that the number of seats a party wins is proportional to the vote that party receives, while also giving voters a local voice that is responsive to their local needs and concerns.

So folks please consider the above and when the plebiscite is held on PEI in November. Remember this blog info and you will be better prepared to vote for change. If you require more info go to http://www.peipr.ca.

Remember the many fish kills, remember Plan B, think about this planned Bypass $65 million dollars. Who gets the lions share of this money?? surely not Wades Contractor buddies??? Consider the proposed bottle plant to sell our water. Do we need change or do we really need change?????????????You already know the answer!

God Bless and keep reading

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