Selling Bottled Island Water???

This morning on the radio, 26th Oct 2016, we heard the nervous and uncertain response from Robert robert-mitchellMitchell Minister of Community-Lands & Environment regarding the bottled water plant planned for the community of Brookvale,PE. He stuttered through his responses saying he or his government will continue to hear from Islanders, and will consider all aspects of the proposal etc etc. He stated he believes we should all wait for the new water act to be put in place.  In other words he said little or nothing on the real core issue. That being to stop this project before it gets going. It was a very crowded meeting that clearly consisted of people either against the project or at least worried about it. One of the odd things about this issue is the fact he never mentions the name Scott Dawson? Why is this individual allowed to be involved in this controversial subject. Remember Dawson of tire shredding infamy, he received some 400 thousand dollars of tax payers money to shred tires in Huntley, it never happened and now we have the same guy planning to sell our

I have read and listened to the many comments for and against Proportional Representation, and no matter which way you may lean it becomes seriously obvious that we  need a strong opposition voice to force a moratorium on the use of island water. Unfortunately we do not have that voice and this Liberal Government continues to do as it pleases, even in the face of a public outcry.  This is surely a wake up call for all islanders, are we going to allow this government to run rough shod over us and do nothing?? It is time for all islanders to take action and put a stop to this senseless project. It is a project that will almost certainly be sold somewhere down the road to a multi national and we will have forfeited all control by that time.  Members of this present government will be long gone to far off lands to enjoy their pensions and bonuses, while islanders will be left with nothing.

You may think this is just fear mongering, it is not, it comes from serious concerns for the future of this island. No water no island, and when that happens it will be way beyond too late to complain. We need politicians to deal with the issues raised by the citizens, to be open and honest and do the job we elected them to do. Presently politicians do as they please and we are left to complain to deaf ears. I cannot promise Proportional Representation will be the complete answer, but I truly believe it will go a long way to improve how we are governed. Its up to each one of us to vote our choice, but please give it serious thought before you place your X on the ballot.proportionalprofilepic

God Bless and keep reading

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