The Legion, At It Again!!!

legionI have really tried to ignore the antics at the legion, but find myself being dragged back in again and again. So here we go once more. Please consider this is the Legion that claims to be”Preparing for the 21st Century”! Just today (28th Oct)on Face Book I watched an almost unbelievable video posted by a veteran named Jamie Keating. Jamie is a veteran from the War in Afghanistan, he recently purchased a wreath costing $45, from the Hampton legion branch. He requested the names of nine his comrades who never came home be added to the reading when laying wreath. So far so good eh? However, when he asked to lay the wreath on Remembrance Day he was told no he couldn’t. The branch apparently only allow MP’s  Officers and Legion dignitaries to lay wreaths. He telephoned his local MP, and was informed by an assistant that the MP wouldn’t be there on Remembrance Day, but said they would contact the  branch to see what could be arranged. The legion called Keating later and this time gave him three reasons why he could not lay his wreath. (1) He no longer lived in the Hampton area. (He now lives in St John a few miles passed Hampton).  (2) There were too many names on the wreath, nine are too many names to be remembered. (3) He wasn’t a legion member.

I can’t imagine who is running the Hampton legion branch, it surely cannot be veterans.   This is beyond belief, a legion branch telling a veteran he can’t lay a wreath to his fallen comrades during the ceremony. Does anyone at this branch even know why we have a Remembrance Day Service. It sure as hell is not for politicians or legion dignitaries, it is a time to remember the fallen. And if it takes longer to read all those extra names then we remain standing at attention and remember. Tough! that is the way veterans do business.

I’m absolutely stunned by this revelation, I know I have complained for the last few years about what I considered inappropriate legion activities. But comrades, this really does beat all. Jamie Keating is not a Legion member and clearly never will be now. Dominion Command wonder why new veterans are not joining and membership is dropping at an alarming rate. Well wonder no more guys its very clear to me and should be to you also, this is no longer a veterans organization. Officially, I will be a member until the end of this year, but I’m really and truly finished, this is no place for veterans.

We Shall Remember Themwebphoto_10649_resize

God Bless and keep reading

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8 Responses to The Legion, At It Again!!!

  1. Vera Cardinal says:

    Fred I saw this video as well on Facebook last evening. Just when you think the Legion cannot Any lower, turns out they actually can.

    Sent from Vera’s iPad


  2. irishroverpei says:

    Unbelievable Vera. Preparing for the 21st Century??? at this rate the legion will never see the half way mark.

  3. baconburner says:

    JUst when one thinks the Royal Canadian Legion can sink no lower. They refuse a list of names, a Veteran from placing a wreath? DISGRACEFUL. This Legion should be DRUMMED out of the Royal Canadian Legion. I too was turned down twice in Victoria BC from Laying a wreath. 9 names this member that told the Veteran that needs to shake his head. 100s of thousands have died for our country and one name is simply not better than another. Here in the UK at the Royal Legion of Scotland. I am once again laying 2 wreaths on Remembrance Day to honour NATO Veterans of Canada and Canada’s Peacekeepers. I pray that CFB Gagetown hears of this and invites the Veteran to Lay a wreath at their parade.
    This is indeed the Last Straw for me and my ROyal Canadian Legion membership.
    LEST WE FORGET , well I am afraid that Hampton NB branch 28 has indeed FORGOTTEN.
    A.Robby McRobb (Sgt Retired) and a PROUD CANADIAN.

  4. baconburner says:

    Where do I locate the Video on Facebook. I tried the name with no luck?

    On Sat, Oct 29, 2016 at 12:10 PM, The Irish Rover’s Blog wrote:

    > irishroverpei posted: “I have really tried to ignore the antics at the > legion, but find myself being dragged back in again and again. So here we > go once more. Please consider this is the Legion that claims to > be”Preparing for the 21st Century”! Just today (28th Oct)on Face Book” >

  5. irishroverpei says:

    It is on my face book page, if you can’t find it there try Dave Marsden page. It shouldn’t be hard to find it appears several times on FB

  6. irishroverpei says:

    Shou ld have said Dave Marson

  7. Ira Peters says:

    Very hard to overlook such stupidity 😦

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