Proportional Representation. last chance to vote 7th Nov

This is a very good letter penned by Anna Keenan, it makes some very valid points, I will add it after this blog.. From my own point of view I have to say the only people for the FPTP system are both Liberal and Conservative politicians plus those in plum patronage jobs. Why would they want to give up all the power and perks of a two party system. I trust the majority of islanders can see this too and vote for change. Maclauchlan has already stated he wants to remain with the present system (of course he does),However should PR have a great success in the plebiscite he will change his colours rapidly and claim it was all his doings. He will of course look good nationally if we are the first to adopt PR voting. about-the-premier

“I’ve heard a lot of comments recently about potential future minority governments under Proportional Representation ‘not being able to make decisions and get things done’. 

I’d like to point out that the problem with our current First-Past-the-Post system on PEI is not that things get done slowly. Rather, the problem we have is unaccountable governments, with total power, making poor decisions. Wasting our taxpayer dollars with poorly-thought out schemes, decided in party backrooms, by parties that have a majority of the power, despite only having a minority of voter support across the island.

So please – give me a proportional, coalition government, with slower, more careful decision-making any day! Better decisions are worth any extra time it might take. A stitch in time saves nine.
God Bless and keep reading

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