A Bad Boy Diluting Medals

I sent a copy of this blog to Dominion & Provincial Commands, it will be interesting to see if I get a response from either, but its unlikely

I Wonder what Dominion Command would say of this Child????legion

Good Question, if this was in Ottawa, Dominion members would be tripping over each other to be a part of the Royal visit. Of course, later they would want to arrest this little boy for diluting his uncles medals, maybe arrest him for breaking Canadian law, well maybe not him, but could arrest his mother for encouraging the child to dilute the medals. Isn’t about time Dominion Command stopped supporting this inane law and applied to have it changed. Whether you agree or not, change the law so those of us who wish to, can wear the medals of lost love ones. If you don’t agree, how does it hurt you?? you don’t have to wear a late veterans medals if you don’t want to. The Legion keeps talking about change, Its time to stop the talking and act. This little boy creates an amazing image of remembrance and respect, how could this be wrong???????????004 Which of the two photos bring out the real meaning of remembrance? the assoc member on the right with his right chest full of pretend medals or the video of Prince Harry with the little boy.???

 Prince Harry bent over while pulling a silly face, and listened to little Harrison talk about his uncle who died in Afghanistan in 2008 during an attack on a military

Read more: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/…/watch-adorable-moment-prince-harry…

Here is the response received from Bruce Poulin Dominion Command!!!

Thank you for sharing this story from the United Kingdom.  As I am sure you will appreciate, The Royal Canadian Legion does not comment on customs or traditions practiced in other countries.  We respect Canadian law.

In Comradeship Bruce Poulin

God Bless and keep reading.

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