Remembrance Service in Kentville NS, Oops we forgot!!!!

legionThis is a letter from another very upset veteran, please excuse his language, as I said he was very upset.

My Rant: The worst Remembrance Day EVER !! Yesterday I decided to go to the Remembrance Day ceremonies in Kentville, NS with all my buddies from our motorcycle chapter. At 1100, they were still laying wreaths from the local businesses …at 11:15 they were still laying wreaths. When I looked over at the flag poles, I noticed that none of the flags were lowered to half mast during any part of the ceremony and now I’m furious. At 1130 the master of ceremonies started to wrap it up…and to my amazement, no moment of silence was done at all. I walked up to the podium and asked the head speaker (president of the legion) and I asked him about it…he flipped through his itinerary and what he said made me want to punch him in the face. “WE FORGOT, SORRY”!! How the f–k can you forget the most important thing to do in a Remembrance Day!! I talked to the new mayor about it and she said that she noticed that too. I asked her why the f–k she didn’t stand up and say something about it. At this point I told her how I really felt about the whole gong-show. I will NEVER step foot in a legion again, and I will NEVER support them. They are an embarrassment to Veterans and to people who serve. This ain’t over….
He apparently called in during a local radio show in Halifax to discuss this further.
My own comments, clearly the legion president was not a veteran, but I bet he looked the part, legion uniform, beret and a right chest full of legion pretend medals. I cannot imagine the Royal Canadian Legion has many years left as a veteran organization. Things like this continue to happen over and over, but every time we cry foul we are ignored.
Remember Hampton Legion Branch in NB, (Nov 4th 2016) someone told an Afghan veteran he could lay a wreath to his fallen comrades. This hit the air waves, media and National Post and received a great deal of coverage. Then, and I assume it was a member from Hampton, claimed the issue had been dealt with end of story!. He claimed the unfortunate incident had been caused by just one person.  We were told to move on, it was just a mistake. On Face Book I received a couple of messages telling me to stop talking about the incident it had been taken care of. I’m sure it had and I did indeed stop ranting about the legion. Now here we are a day or two after Remembrance Day and we have another unpleasant incident. Is someone going to tell me again, this has been dealt with so move on. I don’t think so this time, this is disgraceful and veterans need to know these things continue to happen
God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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One Response to Remembrance Service in Kentville NS, Oops we forgot!!!!

  1. Ira Peters says:

    Makes me wonder since, some of the largest military bases are in the east coast how the hell did these civilians get a chance to be President of the Legion???? Again I say as long as there is a Veteran willing to stand up and take the Executive seat at their local Legion then the seat should be given to the Veteran.

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