Esprit de Corps Article–“Calling Out The Great Veteran Pretender”

legionI have just received a very interesting article from Esprit de Corps, a well respected publication that deals with all things military. Indeed, the article relates too and confirms many of the things I have posted on this blog regarding the Royal Canadian Legion. I tried to attached the PDF file for your reading enjoyment. However, I was unable to copy it to this blog, perhaps the publication is set up that way,  that would be understandable. Nevertheless I urge anyone with interest in today’s legion to look up the article on line. It is just a matter of typing in Esprit de Corps and then  looking for the item “Calling out the Great Veteran Pretender”. Part of the article highlights the Canadian legion wearing there own sets of medals on the right breast. These medals are awarded for such things as sitting on committees, arranging sporting events, darts, cards etc. To the average civilian an associate member wearing the legion uniform and wearing these pretend medals would appear to be a real veteran. The Royal Canadian Legion is the only one of  Commonwealth Nations to issue these pretend medals. To this day many legions branches still only recognize WW2 and Korean Vets as veterans, the rest of us are classified as new vets . Regardless if a “new vet” served in combat or not. Until these things change the legion will continue to spiral downward as membership declines. Even now they are selling items using the sacred Poppy as the prop to promote and bring in revenue. One can buy Poppy earrings, coffee mugs,umbrella’s, broaches and fluffy puppy animals.   Any civilian off the street can join the legion wear the legion uniform and purchase a couple of legion medals to adorn himself.004150-medalbeaumont-hameltomeagles2

If you look at the four photos on the left, the two medals are available for purchase at $25 ea plus postage. Any member of the legion may wear them. The two associate members in the photos are between them wearing a total of twenty pretend medals, Neither one is or has ever been a veteran. Therein we have the major issue with today’s Royal Canadian Legions. However, I do hope you will look up and read the article in Esprit de Corps

God Bless and keep reading




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