Another Slap in the face for Veterans


The Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command/Ont Provincial Command Refuses to provide Funding for A Veterans Support Group

Another reminder of of why Veterans are leaving the RCL. Over the last decade Legion membership has been dwindling as many Veterans and their supporters are joining other veteran groups looking for support and comradery.

In the most recent slap in the face to Veterans, an Ottawa Valley Veteran Support groups funding has been refused by Ontario Provincial Command. Local Branch 550 Cobden and District Legion has been providing the group with a meeting space and funding for snacks for the Veterans as they meet at the branch to hear speakers from DVA, JPSU, individual and family therapists, government officials as well as marriage counselors to help Veterans dealing with PTSD and the stress of day to day life.

The Support Group has been meeting for over a year and recently a motion to continue funding the group had been denied by Provincial Command. Branch 550 in Cobden had made a motion to continue the funding which was passed by its members and Executive members at a General meeting.

Provincial Command responded by denying the Branch the use of its Poppy funds to support the meeting. Each Legion Branch has its own poppy fund that is to be used to support Veterans and their families in the local area. In response the Branch has decided to continue the funding the Support group out of its general account if the issue cannot be resolved.

This is another slap in the face to Veterans, the Branch members and its Executive. As the Royal Canadian Legion continues to have public fights with Veterans these kinds of incidents continue to show a lack of respect and the troubles between the Legion and Veterans.

It seems every time I turn around the Dominion Command/provincial Commands do something else that is so despicable to veterans.
The Poppy fund is only just finished for this year and it already is being denied to veterans in need?
Hard to understand the rational behind this strange Dominion Command decision. Could someone tell me why this is happening. Can someone tell what the Royal Canadian Legion do with the Poppy Funds????
God Bless and keep reading

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One Response to Another Slap in the face for Veterans

  1. Ira Peters says:

    All I can think of is, it certainly makes a Veteran want to why we are members of this despicable outfit !!@!

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