Seeing Red! Lots of Red!!!!

OTCaudillo goneIt seems for the last several years our Provincial Government have slithered from one crooked deal/scandal to another. First under the governance of Robert Ghiz and Co.  Now under Wade MacLauchlan. Ghiz had to suddenly resign before the latest of his many scandals came to light.  There was no honesty in his sudden departure nor that of his finance minister Wes Sheridan. Ghiz told us he was leaving to spend more time with his young family, he promptly took a job in Ottawa. Sheridan, he left to look after is ailing wife, he promptly moved to Halifax. Dishonesty has become the norm within the Liberal party. about-the-premier

For a brief moment the colour red seemed to glow again, as a new man took over the reins. He arrived smiling with promises of doing business differently from the Ghiz days. People believed him, we  sighed in relief to finally have a good and honest leader. Alas! it was indeed only for a brief moment, Wade MacLauchlan quickly proved he was no different than the previous leader. Indeed, as the new government moved forward things began going from bad to worse. MacLauchlan is a man who listens to no one, he knows best and his is the last word. wade-the-weasle

The scandals from the Ghiz years were being swept under the rug. The questionable E gaming project was highlighted by the Auditor General,  at least three civil servants were mentioned. Deputy ministers who broke serious rules. The premier said they were NOT to be held responsible . The fault was laid at the door of Wes Sheridan, former minister of finance. No action was to be taken, said the premier, there was no need to talk further or investigate. However,he may not have a choice, as a law suit looms. Perhaps there is hope that someone will decide to do the right thing. The RED mess he has created suddenly exploded across the island.  When the results of a clear and decisive plebiscite won the day for electoral reform.  Our premier was caught out, it was not the outcome he wanted or expected. Democracy prevailed and the decision to change how we elected future politicians resulted.  At least this is what the large majority of islanders expected. Not so, said the premier, he ignored the democratic process and created his own set of rules. He claimed the plebiscite was merely the opinion of a few, he wanted to know the feelings of those who didn’t vote???….  Since when do politicians count the imaginary will of people that don’t take the trouble to vote????. He declared a binding referendum would be held during the next election in 2019.   Egads! he can’t do that, its not within constitutional rules, a referendum during an election cannot be held binding. Again, our premier chooses to ignore the facts and apply his own rational. What makes this whole situation even worse is his government members supported him . Everyone of his MLA’s voted with the premier to ignore the plebiscite, to ignore democracy. However, its not going to be so easy, people are angry and this will not go away.  MacLauchlan may have his way for the moment. We shall wait and see, the Liberal majority could soon turn even Brighter Red, but it will be the life blood of the Liberal party seeping away. A new day is coming, when we will elect honest politicians, candidates that do what they say, and truly represent the voters that elect them. I believe our Islands future just got brighter.  Like the first flush of a blossoming new and vibrant GREEN Spring seasonproportionalprofilepic

God Bless and keep reading.


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