Chris Palmer (Honour the Vote)

chris_palmerChris Palmer, the newest of the new Liberal MLA’s. He was recently elected in the Summerside/Wilmot district byelection. Why I have chosen this newbee?? It is because of the slogan he ran on during the campaign. He asked the people of his district to let him be their voice in Government. Did you get that last part?? Be their Voice in Government.

His district voted for MMP proportional representation in the recent plebiscite. So it would follow that Mr Palmer (being their voice)would vote for the wishes of his district, after all he is their voice in government. Did I already mention he promised to be their voice in government. You have probably heard many a person say “promises promises” or promises are like pie crust and meant to be broken. In Palmer’s case, he must have tripped over his recently used campaign posters on his way into the legislature.  His face was hardly recognized on the government back benches before he broke his promise. The promise to be the voice of Summerside/Wilmot in the government. Even though elected by an age old democratic process, the new MLA quickly decided to not honour his commitment to his electorate.  Like the rest of the liberal flock he voted against the overwhelming majority of the people just to appease his boss. Shame on you Chris Palmer. Honour the vote.wade-the-weasleproportionalprofilepic

God Bless and keep reading

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