MMP but which version asked the Newbie MLA???

chris_palmerMy letter to the editor appeared in yesterday’s Journal Pioneer. It was in regard to Chris Palmer’s recent election to the Liberal government and his campaign slogan. “Let me be your voice in Government”. When Green party leader Bevan Baker made the motion to accept the plebiscite the liberals vote against it as one voice behind their leader. I criticized Palmer for voting against his constituents, they voted for the MMP option. I pointed out how quickly he broke his promise to the people that elected, trusted and believed him. What happened next took me by surprise, Mr Palmer phoned me!. Guess what? he didn’t vote for MMP because, he claimed,  didn’t know what version of MMP his constituents wanted.????? Egads! there were five choices on the ballot, a ballot that was designed to fail in the first place. However, nowhere on the ballot did it mention versions of MMP. Now, I realize there are several possible versions but that was never the question. Confusing as it was, the ballot did spell out five options and the majority of islanders voted for MMP, a vote to change the system. For any politician to now claim they didn’t understand the vote is absolutely ludicrous. Indeed if any MLA did not understand the vote then they should have abstained??. There is no defense for this dictatorial liberal government, they have not acted in good faith, nor by democratic rules. They have made a mockery of the very principles of democracy, and all to retain the power of their pathetic little back rooms. There are no excuses, no claims of not understanding, no honesty, no good conscience, no not guilty, only shame and disgrace. I once said that Robert Ghiz would go down in history as the Islands worse ever Premier. Now, I’m not so sure, it seems we have a neck and neck race between Ghiz and MacLauchlan for that spot. Whatever the outcome, this is without doubt the most shameful conduct ever perpetrated  by any Island government on Islanders.  zflagpeiwade-the-weasle

God Bless and keep reading

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