FIFA no Respect for the Poppy!

Governing body levies fines on British federations for Nov. 11 armbandswebphoto_10649_resizefootball

“… we fully respect the significance of such moments in the respective countries, each one of them with its own history and background.” — FIFA’s Claudio Sulser

GENEVA — The four British soccer federations were fined Monday by FIFA for displaying poppies at World Cup qualifying matches in November to honour their war dead.

England’s federation must pay $58,757 for the “display of a political symbol” at a home match against Scotland on Nov. 11. Scotland was fined $26,159.

England and Scotland defied FIFA advice against the use of political, religious or personal symbols and wore black armbands embroidered with poppies.

A pre-match ceremony also commemorated British soldiers on the anniversary of the First World War armistice.

Wales and Northern Ireland then followed with similar displays at their home World Cup qualifiers the following day. Wales and Northern Ireland were fined $26,159 and $19,585, respectively.333333333

Please read below and consider doing the same by sending your poppy to the following address :- To FIFA, Strasse 20, PO Box 8044, Zurich Switzerland. I sent mine with no stamp, hopefully they will charge the insufficient postage to FIFA!!!

In a post on Facebook a few days ago, the Carrick man said: “I always find it a shame to throw away my poppy after Remembrance Day. This year mine is going in an envelope and being posted to: FIFA, Strasse 20, PO Box 8044, Zurich, Switzerland.” Speaking to the Times, Mr McCaw said: “FIFA said that the poppy is a political symbol, but it is not a political symbol. I served for 22 years and I feel the way the whole thing was handled was a disgrace. “I posted my poppy yesterday. I feel it is a good way of showing displeasure at the way FIFA has gone about this. I don’t expect any response from them though.england-fawales-fan-ireland-fascottish_football_association_logofootball-poppyuploads_20161219t1439z_66217973d99a4f22fbe9a6c28642b918_img_0965


God Bless and and keep reading

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