Not Sure Happy New Year is the Right Word for 2017???

good-shepardI’m not at all sure we can look forward to good 2017, it is more likely to be same as 2016 or maybe even worse. “Red Like Me” agrees.

With a leader like Maclauchlan who leads and rules with a ‘Baseball Bat’ posing him as a humble shepherd is liberal rag Guardian ‘spin’. The stones in the way would be more accurately illustrated as a giant pile of boulders, perhaps.

  • Tourism Numbers Are Up- A direct result of the falling Canadian dollar.
  • Higher Lobster Prices- Another result of the falling Canadian dollar.
  • Potato Season Success- Thank the Gods, Maclauchlan has no say in good weather.

The pile of rubble and deceit in front of Maclauchlan is entirely his own making.

  • E Gaming Issue- Issues would be more realistic; The Ghiz body count, McInnes Cooper protected by Minister of Justice and Law Society, ‘Your Vote Counts’ results tossed in the garbage, now we are on a ‘Path’ at Wades sole discretion, Pisa results the most obstructed testing in the World, Transparency delivered is like a London Fog and it continues to be blurred by Maclauchlan.
  • Ghiz team hacks being protected and still on contract; Tracey Cutcliffe, Al Roach, Mike O’Brien, Chris LeClair, Paul Jenkins, Alan Campbell, Brad Mix and many others.
  • Minister of Justice/Legal Expert/Premier stonewalls his own requested Special Audit; stopped because a complete investigation would be to expensive. Wade spent millions at UPEI in court challenges in the past, he lost them all without shame or apology.
  • Failing to accept additional funding for Health Care from Ottawa, Wade became the spokesperson for the Provinces rejecting additional funding which demanded results and accountability.
  • After ruling his cabinet with gagging Ministers and a Baseball Bat on the Public Maclauchlan continues to see himself as the smartest man in the room. Yet the revolt is brewing and you can expect Maclauchlan to get tossed any day. The gagged Ministers Brown, Mitchell and Currie are mumbling amongst themselves.

The situation is desperate for the 50% of Islanders who are working poor. The over abundant and overpaid civil servants vote the ‘Party’ back in because they think everything is fine. Even Saskatchewan is looking at wage roll backs while PEI continues to swell in ranks and debt, now ready to heap on Carbon Tax.

So folks get ready for a bleak future under the boot of King MacLauchlan. Nevertheless, keep your fingers crossed , you never know, a revolt could occur at any time.

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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