MacLauchlan Interviews—-Is this guy for Real???

I’m not sure how many Islanders saw the MacLauchlan CBC interview, but in my opinion it wade-the-weaslewas unbelievable!!! First of all it wasn’t a real interview. More like a pre-prepared question and answer session. Bruce Rainnie does not ask the tough questions, in fact he lets MacLauchlan off so very easily. He asked if he lost his cool or was embarrassed when he resorted to finger pointing.  MacLauchlan’s answer was laughable.  He claimed the mask came off when Bevan Baker only talked for 7 minutes on a subject that was so dear to his heart. Bruce then asked if he was embarrassed by the finger pointing incident. Laughing he said no of course not, it was just a good Nature Gesture!!! He then went on to say he’d never in all his time in the house witnessed such a crooked attempt by Bevan Baker.  Don’t take my word for this look up the CBC interview. Truly MaLauchlan either tells outright lies, or he lives in a fantasy world or thinks himself so smart we islanders will be fooled by his amazing tales. The only crookedness in the house was all done by Wade and his flock.

Quote ;-“So to tell you the truth I would say what took place that first night of the legislative session interviewwas the crookedest thing that I’ve seen since I’ve been in the Legislature and that’s why I was pointing my finger,” he said. He quickly added that he meant the comment “in good nature.”

How can the biggest crook in the legislature accuse the most decent and honest member of being the crook??? Peter Bevan Baker is a breath of fresh air in that stale old house of lies and corruption

finger-wade-maclauchlanwade-maclauchlanHowever the serious problem we have is this guy will be premier until 2019. That begs the question will the island survive that long. It begs the question will other MLA’s continue to support him?? Maybe we will have a revolt from within the legislature, we can only hope there are some honest members that can see what the rest of us see.

God Bless and keep reading


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