Wade MacLaugh-in and his comedy of errors


This is the Coronated King who said he would support electoral reform during his election campaign. However, finger-wade-maclauchlanmonths later he stated he did not beleive in PR nor saw it as necessary. Well of course he’d say that, he won a majority government with less than 40% of the vote. Over 60% of islanders did not vote for him. Now that he is established his true colour’s are beginning to show through, Wade is anything but transparent! a word he used over and over during the election campaign. Now, full of self importance he talks down to us, he sets himself up as the Head Master and we are his little first graders who must pay attention. He sees no need to explain himself, he is just too important for that. He does not answer questions and tells us things he thinks we need to know.   I have to wonder at the leanings at CBC, Bruce Rainnie has interviewed him at least twice and on those occasions either chose not too or was scared to ask pointed questions. Never once was Maclauchlan put on the hot seat, Bruce was so nice and polite, of course we was addressing the King. Nevertheless, in my view, he was a very weak interviewer.wade-the-weasle

Read below an excerpt from Red Like Me

The Coronation of Maclauchlan  was whole heartedly supported by all the sitting MLA’s as Robert Ghiz retired. Ghiz retired in a ‘Hurry’ and the ‘Party’ made Maclauchlan leader. Maclauchlan kicked George Webster, Ronnie MacKinley, Carolyn Bertram, Wes Sheridan out as MLA’s and he fired numerous appointees of Ghiz. He tried and failed to get rid of MLA Bush Dumvillebush

The most often heard question about Maclauchlan , “is he really that smart”? is being asked with increased frequency. He was sold to Islanders as a Legal Expert, an expert on

the Constitution, but neither skills seem apparent yet. Maclauchlan promised accountability and transparency which people demanded, it was all lip service.

Maclauchlan in his first year of office has been almost entirely consumed in covering up all the Robert Ghiz corruption which continues to seep out.

God Bless and keep reading

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