Wade and his Well Used Spade

jimmy-kickhamjimmy-kickham2Eighty-nine-year old Jimmy Kickham from Souris West, P.E.I., is digging his own grave.  What does this have to do with our Island Crown Prince Wade Maclauchlan, you ask? Well it seems a reasonable comparison when we consider Wade the Spade has been digging himself into an ever deepening hole since being crowned Premier.finger-wade-maclauchlanwade-the-weasle I believe the digging began when he first claimed to be transparent and do business differently to the former Ghiz government. That statement showered islanders with a spade full of crap. Next he decided the past should stay in the past, no inquiry into E gaming. a larger spade full of crap descended on islanders. He then may have found a larger spade, because the dumping on islanders was growing ever larger. He refused to fire three deputy ministers for clearly breaking ethic’s rules. By this point he must have traded the spade for a backhoe. He showered islanders with a huge load of crap by not recognizing the plebiscite on electoral reform. The hole was growing ever deeper and Wades crown could barely be seen in the hole!! In next bucket full of crap dumped on us was apparently because Peter Bevan Baker was crooked. The backhoe was now moving into overdrive,  important missing/deleted emails may have been dumped into the hole, a hole now better described as a crater.  The crap being showered on islanders is becoming intolerable as we were told of school closures and the fraudulent spinning of PISA assessments.  Islanders cried in despair, surely this nightmare must soon come to an end. Alas, the digging increased, Mill River!!! how can that be explained as a good deal? Egads!! we are buried in a monstrous pile of crap. Yet, there is still no end in sight, the digging continues and islanders are being buried in the crap of higher taxes, poor health care, poor education standards, sub standard manors and more.  But wait!!! Should we not take heart, after all we have been provided many new first class roundabouts and highways.  Can we not take comfort in the knowledge our hard working politicians are about to get another raise to their already handsome salaries.  When the hard working Wade takes a lunch break from driving his  backhoe he offers us assurances. He tell us of this “Mighty Island” we live on having a wonderful future of prosperity and good paying jobs (but only if we hustle). Not sure what happened to the Gentle Island, must have fallen into Wades hole. But it leaves me very confused, if this sounds so good why do I feel another load of crap landing on my shoulders????? I really do despair, two or more years of digging and a new bucket load full of carbon taxes to come.

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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