CBC Compass Buffoonery



Weekday evenings we are subjected to an hour long program of island news “Compass”  But do we really get news?   The other evening fifty or more parents-teachers-students staged a protest over school closures. They had hoped to meet with the Premier to state their concerns. However, he must have been more transparent than usual because he managed to sneak into the building without one protester seeing him. Whatever he thinks, it is wrong for a premier of this province to intentionally avoid speaking with concerned islanders. His dodging of the public speaks volumes about his integrity and responsibility.finger-wade-maclauchlan

Maybe calling him Mr Transparent is the wrong description, possibly he could be Mr Invisible premier. Whatever you decide, for a premier of this province to intentionally avoid speaking with concerned islanders speaks volumes about his integrity and responsibility.finger-wade-maclauchlan

Now lets see what CBC Compass had to report about this rude and intentional snub of islanders concerned about children’s education. But wait!! Did I miss it??? did anyone else see Bruce Rainnie report this important news incident???  If it was mentioned I must have blinked and missed it. Did a red hot CBC investigative reporter corner Maclauchlan and question why he dodged the protest?  Like so many other items that are unpleasant to the Liberal government, CBC avoids mentioning them. Heck, wouldn’t be nice to upset our wonderfully smart, intelligent smooth talking Premier would it??  So instead of learning  real news occurrences on the island we are subjected to silly inane Buffoonery between Bruce Rainnie and our Weatherman Boomer Gallant. Whether, (pun intended) he reports the weather in a bright aloha shirt or shorts in winter we are supposed to be impressed. Well, maybe not impressed, but at least amused. Adding to this nonsense, I’m forced to turn down the volume on my TV in order to actually hear the weather. Why he needs to shout may have something to do with wearing shorts in winter. However, I’m at a loss as to why he  does it in summer. The point I’m making here, this hour long show gives approximately ten minutes of vague local news, twenty or more minutes of last nights national news. The rest of the time is filled with reruns of weather, Boomer’s stale jokes and a silly laughing Bruce.  For this hour of, well, it could hardly be called news or  entertainment! we are paying dearly. This buffoonery costs island tax payers handsomely in both salaries and expenses. The news on Compass could in my opinion be easily covered in fifteen to twenty minutes. Finally, please Mr Gallant you speak normally  on radio, so why the need to SHOUT ON TV.

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