Sometimes we reap what we sow???

finger-wade-maclauchlangood-shepardRural PEI is in a battle with the MacLauchlan Liberal Government over school closures. I do not see a lot of hope for the five districts that are on the chopping block. To date MacLauchlan as acted like a dictator with his majority government, opposition can scream and rage but can do nothing more. Its ironic that three of these school closure districts voted for FPTP (first past the post) in the recent plebiscite. It was the FPTP system that elected the Liberals with a phony majority in the house. The Liberal candidates received only 40 percent (18 seats) of the total vote while 60 percent of islanders voted for other party’s.  This is a good lesson for islanders to learn, we reap what we sow. The three districts facing school closures are Georgetown, Bloomfield and St Louis. If they had voted for Proportional Representation in the recent Plebiscite things might have turned out differently. Had the vote percentage been higher MacLauchlan could not have so easily turned down the will of the people. If the last election had been run under the MMP system we would have a government like this. Liberals -11 seats, Conservatives – 10 seats, NDP – 3 seats and the Greens 3 seats. There would be no talk of school closures. Food for thought when people next go to the ballot box.

God Bless and keep reading


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