An Officer and a Gentleman!



Sometimes when we toss and turn in bed unable to sleep our minds wander back to distant 4d00d200ea3fc23fbd7f82acd109f328memories. Last night was one of those occasions, I simply could not fall asleep. I began thinking about a weekend that took place many years ago while still serving in the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve. This was quite an amusing story so I decided I would add it to my blog.

I was attending an alternate four weekend course at the CF base Moncton. When the finally weekend arrived I was feeling quite unwell, and it was a real force of will to attend. It was important, if I missed the last weekend, would have to take the whole course all over again. So I loaded my kit and dragged myself off to catch the 6 pm ferry at Borden. Arriving around 8.30 pm I stopped at the main gate and showed my ID. The smiling sentry said, Lieutenant Rodgers, your CO left these instructions for you, you are to stay at the base Married Quarters. There are no available billets on base. He gave me the address with directions and saluted smartly as I moved off. I noticed something strange about the way he saluted and continued smiling.

I arrived at the correct house, parked my car and with kit in hand entered through the mess-kit-guy-002front door. Imagine my surprise to find the house occupied by six young female officers. Oh, so sorry! I must have the wrong address Ladies, please forgive my intrusion. Wait a voice called out, you are in the right house. The rest of the male officers are next door but all eight beds have been taken. We have one empty room here and were instructed to keep it free for you. I think you can imagine how the following morning went when I met up with my fellow male officers. So many snide remarks, lucky bastard, get any sleep last night etc, etc. Even the Commanding Officer seemed to find my situation amusing. Although he did later explain, putting me in with the females was his idea.  He apologize explaining that the billeting was a bit of a problem, but knew he could trust me. He said I was more mature and a little older than the other men, Hmm, not sure if that was a compliment or not? Nevertheless, in my present condition, all I wanted to do when I got back to the house was turn in. The hard work was taking a toll on me and I felt totally exhausted. On Sunday we completed the curriculum and were released for an early lunch so we could return to our houses and don dress uniforms for the passing out parade. To this point, I’d not had any problems sharing with the girls. However, sharing with six females, one mirror and one bathroom can and did indeed cause an impossible situation for a lone male. I washed up at the kitchen sink and went outside to brush my hair and adjust my uniform using the wing mirror on my car.

I arrived home exhausted but safe and sound, the next day I visited the doctor. The first thing I was given as a beta blocker, my heart was racing, hence my exhaustion. It had the immediate effect of  making me feel better. However, the doctor explained, its wasn’t a cure just an aid while we awaited the results of blood work. The final diagnoses,my thyroid gland was wildly over hyper. I’m fine today and everything is under control. But it still makes me smile when I think if only the girls and CO had known the condition of my health. Had I been in top physical shape, would it have been so wise to trust an old submariner in a house with six girls?????? But then of course, I was an Officer and a Gentleman,  right!

God Bless and keep reading


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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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