HMS Ganges the final Chapter.

The Ganges Association tried for many years if not to save the Base to at least save the 143 foot mast that every boy who past through main gates of HMS Ganges of had to climb. However as the mast deteriorated the cost of saving it or of moving it became to expensive. Sadly the Ganges land was also on the River Orwell and very valuable development property. So another long and immensely grand memory to so many Ganges boys now disappears in the history books of the Royal Navy.

ganges_0004The last appeal to save HMS Ganges is gone as council plan to build 285 homes on the old grounds of the training base for boys. There is nothing left but memories and photos of those wonderfully harsh boys training days. Where the valid claim was “The place that turns boys into men” Never truer words were spoken, I know because I was there in 1955. Always I think of the famous Kipling Poem “IF”  Now please excuse me as I go and shed a tear or two.


ganges-mast1ganges-basebuttonboymastScannedImage-7gangesmastHMS Ganges Guard- Drake Div classes 16/17 March 1956.image0051inspectionmast-sad-sightGod Bless and keep reading

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  1. TJ Ritchie says:

    Brilliant, Joined in1963 brings back so many good memories and I still fold my clothes to seamanship manual size. T.J.Ritchie L077511X left in1988

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