The Silent(sometimes) Legion

legionWhenever the Legion believe they are right and I’m wrong they respond almost immediately. When I complained about the silly legion medals they quickly chastised me by pointing out many organization produce and wear their own medals. They cited groups like the Masons, Knights of Columbus and even cadets. I found it just a wee bit ridiculous to include cadets. This is a military/youth organization and is open to children between the ages of 12 and 18. On their 19th birthday they can on longer be a cadet.   Once they are no longer cadets they cannot wear the cadet medals. As for the Masons/Knights they mostly wear their medals at closed functions, church parades and sometimes in local street parades. The legion wear their many medals at almost any occasion/photo ops, both local and national.tomeagles2004

When one objects to these legion medals we are quickly told the medals are earned and the recipients wear them with pride. When these same people are asked if its okay for an 80 year old widow to wear her late husbands war medals she is told no. The reasons given can vary, it dilutes the value of the medal, or its the law and we are just obeying it.

In my 8th February 2017 blog, I raised the question of why no background checks are required when a civilian joins the legion as either an associate voting or non voting member. To date no response! Funny how the people at Dominion Command are so quick off the mark on some questions and completely ignore others. Could it be possible some of the 200.000 (estimated) associate members have criminal records in their pasts? However, would it ever occur to clapping civilians watching a Remembrance Day Parade that any of those medal bedecks associates are not the pride of the legions.  A veteran who receives a dishonourable discharge from the service, cannot join the legion yet according to legion bylaws associates/civilians apparently are always honourable?

Dominion are aware of my blog, I sent a copy to Bruce Poulin, communications officer at Dominion. While he is usually quick of the mark to tell me I’m wrong, on this subject there has been no response, quick or otherwise?????? Makes one think????????150-medalbeaumont-hamel

Don’t forget to order your medals from Dominion Command only $25 ea plus P&P. Oh! sorry according to the president of PEI Provincial Command I have taken this out of context!! Legion doesn’t sell medals they are earned? Hmmm! but they are still only $25 each?

God Bless and keep reading


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