A Mystery behind the legion pretend Medals

medals2This is just a small sampling of the many available legion medals. Most are awarded but a few can be purchased by any member and worn on their legion uniforms.150-medalbeaumont-hamel Only $25 ea plus P&P.

I have tried to discover when and why these pretend medals were first adopted by the legion? I cannot find any reference to them searching the web and have not bothered to ask Dominion Command. Its unlikely they would respond with any kind of definitive answer in any case. That only leaves the option to speculate, but perhaps someone with a great knowledge than I will offer the answer. In speculating, I imagine these medals began to appear after the Second World War. In the early 1950’s the legions were filled with veterans. Parades would have seen the many WW2 vets wearing their war medals.ww2medals

These medals would have been a common sight at the time,  perhaps the few associate members (probably relatives of veterans lost in the war) felt a little inadequate. Its possible that veterans themselves promoted the legion medals? Maybe they felt bad for the few associates. I imagine those associates in the 1950’s were very dedicated and hard working. I’m sure the veterans running the branches would have appreciated their help.  However, if this were accurate rather than just speculation it would have presented a great opportunity.  Would this not have been an ideal time to amend section 419 of the criminal code. If blood relatives had been allowed to wear their late loved ones medals on the right breast, legion medals would never have been necessary! Today there are so my associates wearing so many of these legion medals it is next to impossible to have them banned. Today, it is the associates running the legion and making the rules. It is the associates that now parade in greater numbers wearing a right chest full of these ridiculous medals. Dominion Command continue to struggle with the questions of plummeting membership numbers. Yet they fail to see the reasons for this failure, while the answers are staring them in the face. One final point I’d like to make, last year Tom Eagles (then Dominion president)attended meetings in the UK with the Royal British and Scottish legions. In several photos he is seen at legion functions not wearing his eleven legion medals. The UK legions do not wear such medals, instead use lapel pins. One couldtomeagles2 speculate he was too embarrassed to wear his silly medals in such company???????

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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3 Responses to A Mystery behind the legion pretend Medals

  1. Ira Peters says:

    Legion medals should “only” have military medals applied, the Legion was supposedly for Veterans:)

  2. RUSS says:

    Now that I’m not longer a Legion member I wonder if I wore my cheap tin Legion medals on the 11th of Nov what would be the repercussion? Something I would never do but just wondering what if?

  3. irishroverpei says:

    Maybe stand next to Tom Eagles, no one would ever guess you are not a member

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