Honour Among Thieves????

Honour among thieves? I’ll leave that question for the fans of Al Capone! Honourable is a ghiz-disgraced-liberalword I rarely hear used these days. Indeed the only place is seems to be used with any frequency in the Legislative assembly. Members go around addressing each other as the honourable member of this or that.  I’m beginning to believe it has a very different meaning today to the values I was taught. I find it increasingly difficult to apply this title to the majority of our elected officials. There are of course one or two that are honourable but not the majority. What has become of Islander decency and trust? it is readily found among the hard working islanders. It is found in the churches the hospitals, pharmacies, stores,  on the streets and in the towns and villages. However, the place where the term Honourable is used the most, is also the place where we find an almost total absences of wade-the-weaslehonour. The provincial Legislative Assembly! I cannot remember a time in the fifty years I have lived here, such a level of corruption, lies and outright criminality ever existed.  In the last ten years we have been subjected to one scandal after another. The Ghiz government along with Sheridan et al, broke all the rules and government guidelines. Remember the Plan B, Geo Sweep, Egaming, PNP’s and the list  goes on. Next we have a new Premier who stood before us promising a different type of government? Unfortunately, he didn’t explain that meant a government of lies and secrecy, of cover ups and protection of the Ghiz crowd and the liberal party in general.  A government that destroyed emails, refused to answer questions, refused the opposition to call witnesses to the Egaming,  refused to make public staff emails, refused to recognize the plebiscite. Promised during their election platform not to close small schools, not raise taxes and the big one!!!!! to be TRANSPARENT??? finger-wade-maclauchlanWe are closing small schools HST was raised and instead of badly needed Manors we are getting a new highway. Of course the construction of this highway will employ many more loyal liberals and fill the pockets of companies like Wades good ole boys club. Now that is being transparent!!!

So folks you can see why I’m having a difficult time understanding the meaning of the word HONOURABLE. However, the problem is not just the bunch in the legislature, it is also us. We are very much to blame, every election the majority of voters turn out and vote one or other of the same old gang back into power. If we can’t have a proportional system then please consider voting for a party other than the Liberals/Conservatives. Fail to do this and we will continue to have lopsided majorities who will carry on doing what they are doing now. Surely more people than I can see what is happening to this province, surely more people than I want to stop this dreadful corruption. Pay attention to what is happening, and when the next election comes around be educated and vote wisely, not as your Grandparents did. You will be doing the Caudillo gonehonourable thing if you rid the island of these greedy money grubbers.

God Bless and keep reading

About irishroverpei

Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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