Would you buy a used car from this man???

Would you buy a Used Car from this man?

Premier MacLauchlan is taking down his party, and himself. by his stalwart refusal to cooperate with those citizens who want a fair and open investigation into the mistakes and misdemeanors of the previous administration. We had bandits in high places, (still do) and are looking for justice and closure, but he refuses to cooperate.

Further, his choice to assist in the cover-up places him in the role of accomplice,
Why would he do that?
It seems almost incomprehensibly stubborn and self-destructive ….unless! Unless there are other pieces to the patronage puzzle that have not yet been revealed.
The Premier’s policy of secrecy is an invitation to speculation. Sleuthing is all that is left to us. That, or just accepting passively that we have a corrupt government, and most of us don’t like the feel of that.
So, what’s your theory? Let’s get to the bottom of this.
the above article was submitted to RLM and published verbatim, without permission but in the public interest, we understand it was written by David Weale. 
We too would like to know readers theories, what about the evident self destruction of Wade Maclauchlan?  Is he really so smart, we gotta ask? Please add your theory in our comments and thanks.
God Bless and keep reading

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