Health Care on PEI

I was already planning to write this blog before reading this mornings paper. However, the front page article on the closing of hospital beds during the March break fits well with my topic. Regarding closing beds, well it might sound reasonable and fair, after all medical staff need their time off too. However, I wonder how the person suffering pain and awaiting elected surgery feels about this as his/her surgery is cancelled once again. The opposition health critic states, this not about staff holidays, its the budget. Closing these beds save money and help reduce budget costs.  I suppose it depends on who we believe, and of course the opposition will take every opportunity to make the government look bad.

I think this is just the tip of the iceberg, Island health care along with education has been deteriorating for some time now. How could it not, after all the misappropriation of our taxes by the passed and the present Liberal governments. The cover ups and ongoing scandals of PNPs and Egaming, rising salaries for politicians and rising HST for the rest of us. The health situation came home to me with a bang this week. My doctor prescribed physio treatment, so off I went to the PCH to arrange an appointment. Sorry, it is a ten month to one year waiting period! and apparently that is the same at the QEH. Of course I have the option of going to a private clinic and pay. All very well if a person can afford to pay, but it also raises the question of why my taxes are so high?? health care maybe???? I have also been waiting for over a year for cataract surgery. Perhaps my ailments are not too serious, but what about the person in a critical situation, can that person wait for ten months or maybe a year? So it appears to me we have a growing crisis in Island health care but the government says and does nothing. We are short of doctors and now, apparently many other health professionals which politicians fail to mention. It is time we either pressure this government to do better or we kick them out of office. Just my frustration and inability to receive needed medical care.

God Bless and keep reading

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