A Classic Example “Of Passing the Buck”

 This is my letter to Robert Henderson!
I’m a 78 year old veteran and senior citizen living on a fixed income. I have type 2 diabetes and require foot care every seven weeks. This is carried out by Ms Stephanie St-Onge. C,Pod, specialising in diabetic foot care. the cost of these treatment are expensive and I fail to understand why I also have to pay 15% HST. If It becomes that I cannot afford these necessary treatments and my feet are neglected I will end up costing the Health care system much more.  Gouging a tax from a health condition is completely unwarranted in my view. I would like you to explain why you see it as a necessary charge. I would further point out that many nurses preform this service without charging the HST, however they are not in my opinion properly qualified in this procedure. Sheridan once explain he needed the HST to create a level playing field. Well Minister of Health this is anything but a level playing field for me. I look forward to your response
 Respectfully submitted F.Ben Rodgers Abram Village PE.
 This is Robert Henderson’s reply
Mr. Rodgers:
I want to thank you for your email outlining your concerns.  However, the Department of Finance oversees the assigning of sales tax.  By way of this email, I am forwarding your concerns to the Minister of Finance for consideration.
How silly of me to expect this overworked and  overpaid liberal politician to get off his ass and actually try to help an islanders. Especially as he is only half way through his term, doesn’t have to worry about re-election for two more years. That is plenty of time to appear to have interest in the voting public. So here folks is another classic example of liberals in action. Please remember when the next election comes around its time to take this lot to the nearest landfill site.
God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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