The Commercialization of our Sarced Poppy

Its is becoming difficult to imagine what the Legion will come up with next. They are clearly desperate to raise money as membership revenues decline at a rapid rate. I can not believe this was what our old veterans would have wished as a use for the Poppy??? The Poppy is a world wide symbol of Sacrifice and Remembrance. Shame on the Dominion Command leaders who see fit approve and promote this disgusting and ill thought out form of fund raising.   These bird feeders join the long list of rubbish being sold using the Poppy as the selling feature. Earrings, Umbrella’s, coffee mugs, cheap legion lager and the list goes on. Rather than an organization to aid veterans our present Leaders have turn the Legion into a shop on-line centre

Box of 5 Poppy Bird Feeders

Item # 300701
The feeder is long and expensive to ship as a single unit so we are offering an incentive to order in a case of five. Our Legion Poppy bird feeder, featuring our Poppy design, can be used to improve the survival of wild bird populations. This stunning garden ornament can bring style and colour to any outdoor garden space. Ideal for year round bird feeding the robust cast iron feeder is mounted on a metal stake making for secure easy positioning in flower beds, lawns or large pots on balconies and terraces. Suitable for seed, suet, and mealworms the dish shape also makes it ideal for providing birds with a refreshing drink. The feeder has a 29” overall height with a 5 ¾” diameter dish. We know you’ll be proud to share them with others, potentially as gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other suitable opportunities.

Your Price $74.75

God Bless and keep reading

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One Response to The Commercialization of our Sarced Poppy

  1. Ira Peters says:

    I agree, especially even more tasteless, is the fact that most of Dominion crap sold is not made by Veterans or for that matter even made in Canada,most, made in China ????

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