The Trudeau Broken Promise

On Wednesday May 31st 2017 we expect a free vote in the House of Commons on a motion to adopt the report of the all party committee on electoral reform (ERRE).

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You will see Lawrence MacAulay, Wayne Easter and Robert Morrissey answered yes to support the number of candidates elected to government should roughly reflect the proportional votes cast by constituents. The other one Island MP’s (Casey) remained mute on the question. However, it will be very interesting to see if these three now stand by their word to the voters in their districts on 31st may 2017??? 63% of Canadians voted for parties who made this promise. 88% of the experts who testified to electoral reform committee and 87% of the public who participated, recommended proportional representation.

If the other parties vote yes and it is expected they will- we will only need yes votes from twenty Liberal MP’s , and there are more than forty that clearly campaigned on a vote for election reform.   Will they actually have a free vote or will the Prime Minister demand they vote with his broken promise that the last election would be the last First Passed the Post??? It remains to be seen if we really have democracy in this Country? What is more impressive is the outcome of the BC Provincial election, the Greens hold the balance of power, and the Greens will only support a party that agrees to electoral reform. Trudeau may win this vote on 31st May, but nevertheless times they are a changing and he will not be able hold back the irresistible tide for change for very long

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