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Borden/Gateway Village

I had to go to Borden today on business, it was a beautiful sunny day.  Linda and I stopped in at the Hand pie shop to buy our lunch. The word expensive comes to mind! two pies, one small pop … Continue reading

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Who can wear late loved ones Medals?

My continuing struggle to have section 419 of the criminal code changed to allow blood relatives to wear late loved ones medals, met another road block. This time is was very disappointing response and the reason offered of the very … Continue reading

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Why is a Submarine called a Boat?????

There is a lot of chatter on the “Shipmates Reunited” Face Book page. They are asking why a submarine is referred to as a boat. Well its a rather dated use of the name boat, originally a boat/submarine was carried … Continue reading

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A Little Sunday Humour.

A wee bit of Scottish humour to assuage  the pain of losing the world famous Land Rover, many of which were sold in the Highlands. A Scot was drinking in a bar in London when he gets a call on … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Post

I was planning on attending the car show at Cymbria today, but alas its raining. Not much fun walking around a field with wet feet. Nor is it as much fun attending car shows when you don’t have an antique … Continue reading

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The Beauty of the Island and the Garbage!!!.

This is the time of year when you surely cannot fail to appreciate the Island. This morning I sat out in the gazebo doing the two newspaper crosswords. I was in a peaceful world of clean fresh air, listening to … Continue reading

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When We Were Young!!!

  This old black and white photo was taken in 1959 outside my home on Glencairn Street in Belfast. My father is partly out of the picture on the left.(no selfies back then) John aged about seven and Noel aged … Continue reading

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Drive on the Left or the Right

I thought I’d post this again for some of the drivers using highway 2 between Summerside and Wellington!!! Every time we are on this stretch of road we witness dangerous and stupid drivers! They pass in the face of oncoming … Continue reading

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Put A Shot Across Her Bow Mr Richards

This could be considered a rum story This tot time story has always stayed with me as the greatest ever, but also probably the most unbelievable and ridiculous ever told!!!! Taff Richards, who recently turned twenty, was now old enough … Continue reading

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A Little Sunday Humour

A traveling salesman broke down on the bad side of town one evening after a long day of door-to-door sales. After calling AA from mobile, he decided to wait in for the tow truck in a nearby bar. He sat … Continue reading

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