D Day June 6th 1944.

Often people ask , where were you on a particular day? Well on D Day June 6th 1944 I was living in the little fishing village of Padstow in Cornwall. Lily and I had been there for approximately a month while her husband, a Royal Naval Commando trained. What he was training for we had no idea, D Day was an ultra secret and the war seemed far away from us. The beaches of Padstow where very similar to those in Normandy. Lily’s husband along with Victor Commando Group were practicing rapid landings on the beaches. This was much to the ire of local fishermen, the fast and noisy landing craft upset the usually tranquil fishing bay, not to mention spoiled the fishing.. I was too young to appreciate the significance of this important day and indeed few people knew anything about it until it was already over. What must have been the biggest gamble of the war was not spoken off until it was clear the Allies had a firm footing on the Continent.  Although I didn’t understand at the time, the village was a restricted area and we were not allowed to leave until the restriction was lifted a few weeks later. This fact probably saved our lives. We had a small flat rented in a London suburb, coming to Padstow we had only been allowed one small suitcase between us. All our belongings remained at the flat, and just days before we came home the flat was hit by one of the first V1 flying bombs. We were safe and alive but now stood in the only clothes we owned, we had lost everything. In war time Britain the shortages were extensive replacing what we’d lost almost impossible. Certainly a time to remember.

God Bless and keep reading

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