More Legion Disgrace

Another display from a legion of not caring.

Just when you think it can’t get any worse they manage to prove us wrong once more!


Stephanie Johnston
June 6 at 10:54pm · Simcoe, ON ·

I’m absolutely disgusted with the port dover legion #158 and I made sure that I was heard in their inbox. I will be calling the media. This is the message I left for them.
My grandfather John Johnston passed away yesterday, June 5th at 6:24 pm at the age of 100. He was a ww2 veteran and a life long member of this legion port dover 158. Today our family called the legion to arrange a luncheon after his funeral on Friday… the response our family received is absolutely disgusting. The very ignorant treasurer told us “no that they did not have time for a luncheon as they were planning for a fish fry” She also stated “she didn’t care”. I’m absolutely disgusted with this legion as my grandpa was a life long member and when he was capable always went there, for years! We have always celebrated his birthdays here as well. I believe this is very dishonoring, and I am absolutely appalled by this negative response from this ignorant lady. My grandfather would be so heartbroken to know that the legion is treating us and him this way after his life on earth and being a LIFE long member. His metals are on display there, which by the way, you do NOT deserve!!! I’m absolutely disgusted and you best believe that this is NOT the last time you will be hearing from me.
Signing off, a very angry grand daughter.

Update: the secretary did NOT offer another day, she was NOT sympathetic and she was NOT polite! CHCH news came to my home today and did an interview and wanted to air my papas story. However, the legion refused to speak on camera so they chose not to air his story. I wanted that so bad! It meant so much to me! This has had 196 shares so far and I wanna thank everyone for the overwhelming support we have received. The simcoe legion has generously offered to honour my papa there and his medals were removed from the port dover legion! This is not the end.

Update: 700 shares!!!! Wow. Thanks so much for all the support!!! ❤

Update: 1,600 shares! Thank you so much for the support everyone. Messaging in my inbox, offering services, catering, memorial blankets. I can not thank you enough.

Update: please note that the ever so kind treasurer of port dover legion #158 has made a comment on this post. I will let you all know now that her defense is all damage control and what she states is the furthest from the truth on so many levels, I am appalled. She refused to speak to chch news and to me that shows guilt. She deserves every bit of backlash she gets and thank you for the continued support 10,000 shares! 💞


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3 Responses to More Legion Disgrace

  1. Ira Peters says:

    Since the President appoints all the Executive Positions and if this story proves to have proven content, then the President should immediately remove the Treasurer from office. Very dishonoring and disgusting !

  2. Dave Marson says:

    I am no longer surprised by the legion crap they will soon die

  3. irishroverpei says:

    Still hard to believe anyone at a legion would behave so disgracefully

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