Legion Does it Again!!!!

Just opened this from an old buddy from Germany Days
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Barry
Date: Sat, Jun 10, 2017 at 12:04 PM
Subject: Re: Legion does it again


Hi Robby
As you probably know, My wife and I have been playing in bars and halls since 1981 and during that time Legions’ have on occasion, got word of us and booked us to play, not only in Calgary but many small towns in southern and central Alberta. Playing at legions was not like playing in a bar because the legions were run by amateurs and there was no ‘class’ in the way we were treated, here is a case in point:
I had an act called the Singing Veteran and played and sung song’s the veterans, sang during the first and second wars, this legion (in Calgary) hired me to play for the after-party Remembrance Day get together, I mentioned that my act was only an hour long and that they overpaid my wife and myself the last time we played there for a dance and as such I would play for free.
This branch of the Legion had a full house, it was overfull with standing room only, the ‘bookkeeper’, a man I was introduced to earlier (civilian) came up to me while I was singing and TOLD me that I was to continue playing and singing for at least another hour, I was pissed but I told him that there will be a charge of $100. for this and he agreed. After finshing my performance, I went to find this ‘bookkeeper’ to get paid, Incidently, I was wearing my veteran’s clothing with medal, and he was nowhere to be found so I went to the front desk and asked where this guy was and they said he had gone home. I had them phone this guy and he told them to pay me, but the level of disrespect was very high over the whole incident, I was not impressed.
I have other cases where we were screwed over while playing Legions but, like I said, civilians and even some inexperienced ex military ran those legions and with years of playing bars and halls I noticed the deficiencies in the way the local branches were run.

There is no end to the Legion issues! God Bless and keep reading


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