Borden/Gateway Village

I had to go to Borden today on business, it was a beautiful sunny day.  Linda and I stopped in at the Hand pie shop to buy our lunch. The word expensive comes to mind! two pies, one small pop $23.00. Not saying the pies were not good, they were, but the price does seem a bit high for what we got. It made me think. this is often the case during tourist season. Its a short season so I assume many businesses have to charge high prices just to survive. Problem is its not good for the visitors, especially if they have young families along. Two pies and one pop is not a large meal by any stretch of the imagination.

However,, enough on that subject, the village is very beautiful at this time of year, I even like the hills now!!! I can’t help but think the place needs something more if its going to succeed each year. Why not some ongoing entertainment or other activities, a farmers market, maybe a couple of car shows, gymnastics, displays, island characters on site, clowns etc. Lots of ideas out there, but the place needs to look interesting and attract visitors as the drive off the bridge. After we left the village we decided to drive through the town of Borden. What a nice place it is, I felt a strange feeling of the presence of history all around. Hard not to think of the long gone ice boats or the hardships of islanders coming to and leaving the island. The local houses are mostly very well kept, as is the beautiful school and churches. Quiet streets free from litter and we didn’t even come across any potholes! Did see a few old interesting antique vehicles lurking in back yards, two old fifties Cadillac’s, a 1960 or 70 Fiat two seat sports car and a few old trucks.

I sometimes wonder if we really appreciate the beauty that is everywhere on the Island? It is just a matter of getting out and looking at our surrounding. There is something special around every corner, in every village, in every town, and on every back road or lane. We are truly blessed to live here. Please help us all to keep it this way, don’t litter, don’t collect unsightly back yard rubbish, use Island waste Watch. That’s what its there for.

God Bless and Keep Reading



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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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