Apparently they are working on it???

In January 2016 at the regular legion branch meeting I raise the issue of a double standard for veterans. I had learned WW2 and Korean vets and their wives dined free at the yearly Remembrance day banquet. All other veterans had to pay for their wives! This was not about the money, indeed we only have a handful of WW2 and Korean Vets,and we only have a handful of other vets too. It couldn’t possibly break the bank! This should have been rectified at the meeting, but it was noted as the next remembrance day was eleven months off there was apparently no rush. To add insult to injury a branch member who is also member of Provincial command decided to share his wisdom. He gave us the Dominion Command definition of who qualifies as a veteran!. Gee what a relief to know I was qualified!!! That was the last straw for me and the last time I would be in the branch. I have not been back since and  in 2017 did not re-new my membership.

Yesterday I was out walking the dog and met up with the branch president. He said, Oh! we haven’t seen you for a while? I explained I had dropped my membership over the discrimination of some veterans at the branch. He said, they are working on that? I can’t imagine what work was needed, it was a simple matter of changing the policy. He also added the branch is much better now? Well maybe it is, but that’s not the impression I got from this brief encounter. We are working on it????????  It is also worth a mention, the only contact I have received since January 2016 was a membership reminder which I ignored. No one called to ask why I had not renewed my membership or why I stopped attending meetings??

God Bless and keep reading


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