Dangerous Highways on PEI

While the Premier and government continue to build roundabouts (18 now I believe) most other road issues go unattended.(except for the premiers road of course) The money that has been spent on the bypass (so Called) which now has three roundabouts was expensive to say the least. The waste of the tax payers money on this project makes no sense at all. The so called bypass has nothing to do with the real bypass route. It presently ends near the water and until we can afford a bridge across we are using this stop gap route.  The old route was never ideal, but it worked and would have sufficed until we could actually afford the real bypass.  Why didn’t the government save the cost of this stop gap and put it toward the bridge? In the meantime number two highway is a dangerous stretch of road. I travel often between Summerside and Wellington and I never fail to see dangerous driving. We have been overtaken on the inside by a rusty Chevy sliding and swaying on the rough shoulder before roaring out in front of us. Double white lines mean nothing to the Guts and Glory boys they will pass you anywhere. Speed limits? no such thing for these crazy drivers. So Mr Premier instead of spending all this wasted money on roundabouts. How about some photo radar cameras along our roads, it would certainly make some of these idiots think twice before speeding. You never know the fines might bring some needed cash for the distance future bypass bridge!

Truck rolls at roundabout by North River Causeway and causes delays
Eastbound traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway between Cornwall and Charlottetown was reduced to one lane Monday morning after a transport truck rolled onto its side at the Poplar Island roundabout.

Then, at 9:00am, eastbound traffic was blocked completely from using the route while crews removed the vehicle.  That removal was expected to take about one hour.
During that period travelers heading east to Charlottetown are advised to use Route 248 – Warren Grove Road.

There have been substantial delays for traffic in that area Monday morning as a result of the incident.

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