Still awaiting the Knock?????

This was posted way back in March 2017 and since then I have heard nothing more! Guess this is just another Provincial Command pipe dream or perhaps something to help them justify their positions?

Knock Knock: Are you a Veteran
Posted on March 9, 2017
by irishroverpei

Knock, knock: Are you a veteran?

Hmm! sounds a bit like a recruiting drive to me??????????
Legion volunteers to go door-to-door looking for ‘forgotten’ veterans

There are about 4,200 veterans living on P.E.I., according to Veterans Affairs Canada. (CBC

Legions on P.E.I. are looking for a few friendly members to knock on doors in an effort to reach out to “modern-day veterans” who may need their services.
“I think veterans have sort of been forgotten by legions for whatever reason,” said co-ordinator Owen Parkhouse.
“But I think it’s time to reach out and get back to what the purpose of the legion is and that’s looking after veterans and advocating for them.”

Owen Parkhouse believes there many veterans on P.E.I. who are unaware of the services available to them. (Power and Politics/CBC )
The number of veterans on P.E.I. has grown to about 4,200, according to Veterans Affairs Canada.
‘Still hurting from their service’
Parkhouse said many of the new veterans served in Afghanistan, and are settling in P.E.I. from other provinces.
‘I think word has gone out that P.E.I. is a quiet place and I think a lot of the veterans from Afghanistan are looking for just such a place.’– Owen Parkhouse
“I think word has gone out that P.E.I. is a quiet place and I think a lot of the veterans from Afghanistan are looking for just such a place,” he said.
But many of those veterans aren’t joining the legions, Parkhouse said. Instead, they are keeping to themselves and as a result do not know about the services and programs that are available to them. Some may even be homeless.
“There are veterans on the Island that are still hurting from their service whether it is a physical or a mental condition,” he said.
‘Friendly’ volunteers
That’s why he’s looking for 25 to 30 volunteers — or about two members from each legion on P.E.I. — to go door-to-door to help find these veterans.
“The friendly types, the ones concerned about their communities are the ones who are going to step up and do this,” he said.
Parkhouse is asking anyone who knows a veteran who may need help, or anyone willing to volunteer as a veteran search officer, to email him at, contact the provincial legion secretary at or 902-892-2161.

Guess we will all be waiting a long time for a knock on our doors????

God Bless and keep reading



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